Snapchat, a popular social networking platform, has a feature, or filter that allows the user to post the speed he or she is travelling at laid over a photograph. The problem is that some people then want to post pictures of them driving at excessive speeds. Snapchat has been sued by a woman named Wentworth Maynard who was injured on a Georgia highway when Crystal McGee, who was was allegedly driving 107 miles per hour, collided into her. The reason Ms. McGee was going so fast, according to the suit, was to get a good photo to post on Snapchat that showed her speed. According to the lawsuit, Snapchat allows the users to earn emoji “trophies”, although no trophy has been designated specifically for the speed filter. The lawsuit also alleges that Snapchat is aware of at least one prior specific incident in 2015 involving a high speed accident while using the app. It is an interesting theory. The speed filter is not limited to uses while driving. It could overlay the speed anytime someone was travelling (by boat, plane, train, etc.), assuming that the device used had adequate communication established for the function to work. What is certain is that using this filter while driving is stupid and irresponsible! And that use should not be encouraged. In fact, at all levels it should be discouraged. Hopefully the social network itself will dissuade this use. Does Snapchat have liability? We will have to wait and see. But there is a good argument for liability.