Pet Trusts – Planning for Pets

Schrock Law Office does estate planning for pets, including pet trusts! Many people, understandably, want to make provisions for their pets as part of their estate plan. But, because pets are considered personal property in Oregon and Washington, a you cannot just will money or property to your pet. But there are ways to provide [...]

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New Estate Tax Legislation is Final

The “Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010″ has now been signed into law. With regard to estate taxes, this law sets the estate tax exemption at $5 million through 2012. The tax rate on the non-exempt portion is 35%. But, it is unknown what will happen in 2013; the new [...]

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Should I have a will or trust?

An estate plan is the legal documentation to carry out your wishes and distribute your property upon your death. An estate plan also includes planning to handle your affairs during any time when you are unable to do so, directions to medical care providers regarding decision making, and if you still have minor children, states [...]

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