Breach of Contract

If your company has suffered any type of harm due to breach of contract, or if you are being accused of such a breach, it is critical that you immediately seek qualified legal counsel. Brad Schrock has extensive experience representing clients across Oregon in complex breach of contract disputes.

Breach of contract cases can sometimes consume attorney time and resources beyond the financial value of the case. It is important to have a breach of contract lawyer that is experienced in evaluating and handling breach of contract claims. These disputes can vary greatly depending upon the type of contract, the amount in dispute, the language of the contract, the relationship of the parties, what happened factually, and whether other types of claims exist or could be made.

During and after the initial meeting with the client, Brad Schrock will work to develop with the client sufficient information to do an initial evaluation of the case and establish a plan of action with the client.

Taking a Strategic Approach to Your Breach of Contract Case

Every breach of contract case is different. During and after your initial meeting, Brad Schock’s first priority is always to gain a complete understanding of the dispute and how it impacts you, including an initial evaluation and plan of action. Brad will review the language of the contract and work to identify the rights that it provides to you and other affected parties regarding to the dispute in question.

While a negotiated resolution is always best for everyone involved, Brad Schrock is fully prepared to take the matter to court in order to protect your interests.

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