About Brad Schrock

Brad Schrock is an attorney in Beaverton, OR, specializing in business law, wills & estate planning, and personal injury claims. Practicing law since 1987, Brad is a member of the Oregon and Washington State Bars. His experience spans domestic and international transactions and he even speaks conversational Japanese.

Settling the personal injury claim

There are primarily four ways for settling the personal injury claim. First is by negotiation. Typically most personal injury attorneys will begin by sending a demand letter to the insurance carrier if known, or to the person or business that caused the injury. The demand letter will state what the client claimant wants to settle [...]

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Pain and suffering damage cap unconstitutional

The Oregon Court of Appeals issued an opinion holding that the pain and suffering damage cap (noneconomic damage cap) violated the Oregon Constitution. In the opinion Vasquez v. Double Press Mfg., issued May 4, 2016, the court of appeals held that ORS 31.710 (1), which places a cap of $500,000.00 on most non-economic damages in [...]

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Restrictions on use of background checks

New restrictions on use of criminal background checks in hiring are now in place. The new law in Oregon and the ordinance recently passed by the Portland City Council both went into effect on January 1, 2016. In popular language the legislation is referred to as “ban the box” legislation, referring to the box in [...]

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Snapchat speed filter gives rise to lawsuits

Snapchat, a popular social networking platform, has a feature, or filter that allows the user to post the speed he or she is travelling at laid over a photograph. The problem is that some people then want to post pictures of them driving at excessive speeds. Snapchat has been sued by a woman named Wentworth [...]

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The powerful anti-SLAPP motion

A very powerful weapon exists in Oregon law in the form of an anti-SLAPP motion. The anti-SLAPP motion can tilt the tables against the deep pocket company, and can put a quick end to certain frivolous claims. “SLAPP” stands for “strategic lawsuits against public participation.” The statute is designed to provide for easy dismissal of [...]

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Defamation claims and Google reviews

The Oregon Supreme Court recently addressed online defamation in a defamation case filed over an online Google review made by an individual. The case, Neumann v. Liles, 358 Or 706 (2016) was decided by the court on March 3, 2016. In that case, a guest had attended a wedding ceremony that was hosted by a [...]

Host liability under Oregon dram shop law

The Oregon Supreme Court recently decided the case of Decard v. Bunch. In the September, 2015 opinion, the Court further explained the impact of Oregon’s dram shop statute on host liability for an intoxicated guest that ends up causing injuries in a foreseeable manner. Oregon’s dram shop statute, which is a liquor liability statute, is [...]

NHL Brain Injury Lawsuit Proceeds

There is currently a multi-district class action lawsuit against the NHL over NHL player brain injuries that is being allowed to proceed. See the order. In the multi-district lawsuit an amended complaint was filed on January 15, 2016. The amended complaint alleges that the NHL should have been aware of the growing body of scientific [...]

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Uninsured motorist coverage claims

In Oregon, a every motor vehicle bodily injury liability policy must contain uninsured motorist coverage in an amount of at least $25,000. The amount must be the same as the limit for bodily injury liability, unless the insured elects lower limits, but the amount must at least be the minimum required.  The coverage is actually [...]

What is “discovery” in a personal injury lawsuit?

In the American court system, once a lawsuit is filed, both sides are entitled to conduct discovery in order to find out facts that are related to the case. There are rules (called the rules of civil procedure) which govern discovery. The word “discovery” itself refers broadly to the procedures for requesting and ultimately requiring [...]