Wrongful Death

Losing your loved one due to the fault of another can be extremely upsetting and very disruptive to your life. With his years of experience as a Portland and Beaverton personal injury attorney, Brad Schrock can emphasize with your situation and evaluate the situation according to damages that may be obtained under the law.

Damages that May Be Obtained

There are several types of damages, or recovery, that may be obtained in a wrongful death action. First, medical expenses, memorial and burial expenses are recoverable. Also, several other types of damages may be recoverable under such a claim including, for example, pain and suffering of the decedent prior to death and loss of society companionship and services by those who survive.

How is the Wrongful Death Action Brought?

The personal representative of the estate is the one who brings the wrongful death action as part of a probate proceeding. At Schrock Law Office, Brad Schrock can act as the attorney for both the probate of the estate and the wrongful death action. In general there is a three year statute of limitations to bring such a claim in Oregon, but there are exceptions. To read my short article on wrongful death actions in Oregon click here. It is best to secure an attorney as soon as possible to make sure that your interests, and the interests of the estate, are protected. Also, evidence may tend to disappear, and witnesses may move and become difficult to locate as time goes on.

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